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NaimaPOS – #1 Point of sale software in Kenya

NaimaPOS is the best available Point of Sales System you will find in the Kenyan market right now

It is every business personnel’s’ wish to be in a position to manage everything that happens within his/her business premise. At NaimaPOS we provide the best ERP software in Kenya, cheapest Enterprise Resource Planning, affordable ERP software in Nairobi, most reliable ERP dealers in Kenya, and best management software in Kenya.

Our Enterprise Resource Planning software is contained in our Robipos POS software as well as a stand-alone service. It has employee management, leave management, HR management, customer management, setting employee targets among others.

Lesane Limited solves all these mentioned challenges by providing to you the best ERP software in Nairobi and Kenya for Real Estates, Business enterprises, SACCOs, distributors and wholesalers.

Our point of sale is of quality and guarantee is over 1 year. We have over 50 satisfied Point of sale(POS) clients in Kenya and beyond.

NaimaPOS point of sales system helps business owners to track their daily sales, inventory management, and profit easily using their phones wherever they are. This Point of sale(best POS )has Realtime Lipa na MPESA. Also, SMS is automatically sent to the computer whenever a customer pays through any mobile payment method. Besides the customer gets an automatic thank you message upon payment.

The Point of Sale system has been integrated with many modules that manage the day to day transactions in our client’s business. Our best POS in Kenya software system has many functionalities but not limited to the following: Inventory management, inventory tracking, sales management, customer management, product management, receipting, human resource, accounting module, and real-time Lipa na Mpesa module.

We have the following Point of sales in Kenyan local towns.

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We cover from Point of sale system for Supermarkets, best Point of sale in Kenya, (best POS in Kenya) software  system for Mini-Supermarkets, Point of sale in Kenya (cheapest POS) system for Bookshops, best Point of sale in Kenya(POS in Kenya) software  system for Cosmetics, cheapest Point of sales(POS) software system for Retail Stores, Best Point of sales in Kenya(POS in Kenya) software system for Wholesale Stores, Point of sale in Kenya(best POS)software system for Hardware Stores,Best Point of sale in Kenya, (nicest POS in Kenya) software system for Bars and restaurants, most affordable Point of sale in Kenya (POS) software system for Wines and Spirits shops, cheapest Point of sale in Kenya(POS in Kenya) software for Hotels, Best Point of sales(POS in Kenya) software for Gaming(Play Stations), best Point of sales Kenya(POS in Kenya)software for Boutiques, cheapest and most affordable Point of sales(POS) software for Grocery shops, best Point of sale(POS in Kenya)software system for coffee joints. All our customized Point of sale in Kenya(POS in Kenya) have inventory management and reports generation upon clicking the manage report module.

Get Kenyan based best and cheapest POS that will greatly ease your operations in your inventory business. To get the best point of sales system with the best price in town, call us on +254 790 043 326 or +254 727 737 384

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